My Trip to Ireland

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16 Jan

What better reason to travel than someone’s 90th birthday? Except that I’m going to miss the party— because I booked my flights on the wrong day. Just the beginning of my anxieties as this trip quickly went from an exciting prospect to happening and happening fast.

Don’t get me wrong now, I love to travel. L-O-V-E. If I could be one place in the world, I wouldn’t be. I’d be everywhere! I’ve heard the term ‘home is wherever I’m with you’ and that rings true in my life more than a lot of things. The ‘you’ just happens to be my family, or an exotic bird or insect or monkey. I can’t wait to be home— and to me, that means being away.

What I’m bringing? I was considering bringing an over-the-shoulder leather bag as it’s a good size but still qualifies as a carry-on on most airlines. But when I booked my tickets I wanted the best deal possible so I wound up having a pretty long layover on both flights, and decided a rolling bag would be easier to deal with for many hours in the airport.

I also figured I’ll need some— or a LOT of entertainment during and between flights. I usually bring my iPod, my phone (obviously it’s limited in the air), sometimes my laptop, a few thin books and a whole smorgasbord of plane snacks.

This time around I’m going to try a couple of new things; instead of bringing a few books, I’m downloading some audiobooks, and maybe a ‘kindle’-style book onto my iPhone. I’m also going to trial the Spotify Premium so I can download playlists (because who has time to sync music to their iPod these days?).

Now, I haven’t looked at the projected weather yet— I’m still over a month out from leaving. But I imagine it’ll be a forecast of rain and more rain, with rainy periods. So my packing list looks a bit like: umbrella, light but waterproof jacket, hat. Maybe a sweater or two and you know, the usuals. I always *try* to pack light on any trip I take but this one I’m going to knock it down to the bare minimums (again, long flights with long layovers). I’m so excited to go see my family, if only for a little while, but this trip didn’t come without its anxieties. I’ve yet to book a bus ticket for my journey from the airport to my family’s home, like I mentioned before I misbooked flights (and am still considering calling to add a couple of days onto the beginning of the trip— or move my tickets forward a couple of days), and I haven’t arranged a place to stay!! Sometimes I think I’m just going to live my whole life flying by the seat of my pants. And you know what, that’s okay with me. The best adventures are the ones you never knew you’d take. I’m totally prepared to be unprepared for this trip— and this life.

Thanks for reading, friends. If you liked this post come back soon for another! Here we go!

Kim Tuohy

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